we don’t plan for aging. . .

we don’t plan for aging. . .

Perhaps we think we just disappear when we get older. . and older.  But we don’t, we are in fact living longer and in fact in healthier states.  But we don’t plan for the conditions that are inevitable — loss of reaction time, eyesight, and similar skills relevant for driving.  We should not have to stop living, enjoying, traveling.

We can do better. Land use and transportation are part of the answer.


slightly elementary. . . sticks and carrots to change transportation system

slightly elementary. . . sticks and carrots to change transportation system

This is just summarizing the fact that driving alone is not the solution for most cities and that in fact “multi-layered” approach is necessary both in terms of mode choices – and land use!

Removal /bury highway

Removal /bury highway

I am sure you all have seen this project in Cheonggyecheon, Korea.

Austin has been trying to lower I-35 through the downtown area for awhile and reconnect the city.  It is a bit late.  The gentrification has already occurred.  The separation already impacted the people of color on the east side.  Now that the east side is cool and hip. . . families have left and hipsters have descended upon the area.  Progress.  Okay.  But we never seem to make real efforts to improve disadvantaged areas purely for the sake of the people that live there. We do fix potholes and sidewalks and lights in the affluent areas with no hope of raising property values or other benefit to the city as a whole. But we seem to only go in and improve poorer areas if the expectation is that once improved it will yield more revenues for the city. Sigh.