Addressing human nature to often want to comply . . . but also designs that might prompt people to ignore the rules! Transit and pedestrian behavior in action!


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  1. The time-lapse videos are fascinating! It’s amazing what on-the-ground planning can entail….On a personal note, I would prefer the sidewalk tape over the fences because of how constricting the aforementioned would feel.

  2. I haven’t had time to read the whole thing. Got immediately distracted by the “busiest bus line in North America” thing and thought “no way it’s busier than the M15/SBS!” that runs the length of 1st and 2nd Aves in Manhattan … ’til I looked it up. the M15 carries 35k/day, which, while superfantastic is 1/3 of the 99! (a bus line I rode about 45 years ago when they still called them “Hydro buses”).

    Transit nerd

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