Dr. K. Meghan Wieters, AICP

I am planner.  Being a planner to me means simply being curious.   Curiosity allows each of us to explore options, choices, and perspectives in order to find the best path. Being curious  in planning means listening to people’s stories, thinking about how ideas can be pulled together, and deciphering many different ways to solve any given problem.

Planning does involve professional skills including spatial skills (e.g. GIS), analytical skills (e.g. growth projections, demographics, transportation capacity), and physical planning skills (e.g. drawing, zoning, layouts for communities). . . but fundamentally these are just tools to work with people to make their communities better.

As a practicing planner in Austin, Texas for 10 years I worked on transit projects (park and ride locations, light rail planning), bicycle and pedestrian planning, and neighborhood comprehensive planning. My academic career has connected my practice with education and has been my outlet for sharing ideas, techniques and knowledge with new planners.  My research is firmly grounded with practice.  I feel that effective research is connected to what we need to address in behavior and in implementation.  Therefore, I have focuses on how health and the built environment intersect.  This includes addressing how we plan, create policies, and build places where we can walk, bicycle, and have access to health-promoting environments.

I am continuing to grow as a planner and I am interested in continuing my practice in diverse communities.

If you are interested in viewing my curriculum vitae please download here: